Sustainable Values

We focus on designing versatile shoes for women who consider practicality, comfort, and character key elements of good style. We’re inspired by classics and combine it all with high quality materials and old-school craftsmanship to create modern shapes.Typography


    We produce our shoes in a way that empowers the people who make them. All ZX shoes are manufactured in our workshop with respect and open communication. Our artisans negotiate their own wages, set their own hours, and work in a safe & sanitary environment.Typography


    Our shoes are handmade. We choose handmade over automated because we believe making shoes by hand leaves a smaller footprint and preserves the craft for future generations. We value our community of craftspeople and the connection our shoes have to another human being.Typography


Our shoes are made slowly, thoughtfully & carefully using the highest quality materials available. We don’t overproduce & we don’t do disposable. We produce our shoes in intelligent quantities and adjust to meet demand. Smaller batches mean more attention to quality and less waste.Typography