Sample Sale FAQ


How do I gain access?
The sample sale will be on a hidden page that you will be visible to subscribers only on Saturday the 13th + Sunday the 14th. On Saturday at 11 am ET, you will get an email with a link to the sample sale page. To get early access, just sign up for our mailing list! 
What if I sign up after the sample sale has begun?
If you sign up for the mailing list after the sample sale has launched, you'll receive an email with the link immediately after you sign up. 
Ok, but why do I have to be a subscriber?
It’s a way to reward those of you who follow/subscribe to ZOU XOU with access to the first pick!
Have the shoes in the sample sale been tried on?
Yes, many of the shoes in the sample sale have either been:
-worn in photo shoots
- tried on during trunk shows for fittings
 -tried on in customers’ homes and then returned. 
There will also be many unworn/untried pairs that came from the workshop with imperfections or from the past season/unreleased style archive.
Why are you selling shoes that have been tried on/have imperfections?
Returns, photo samples, display samples, and 2nd quality pairs are part of our business. Once a shoe has been tried on it pretty much stops being brand new. But that doesn’t mean it stops being perfectly wearable! The same is true of the imperfect shoes. While we can’t restock imperfect or barely worn pairs, we can offer them at discounted prices. It’s almost like buying second-hand or designer resale, except that you are buying directly from the designer. And it’s way better than throwing them away (that sh*t happens at some companies)! 
Will I be able to shop by size?
Yes! You will be able to filter the sample sale selection so you can zero in immediately on the styles available in your size.
What if the style I purchased doesn’t fit? Can I return or exchange it?
All sample sale purchases will be final without exception. But if you buy something that doesn’t work out, there are resources to resell them! Our favorites are 
@noihsafbazaar and @selltradeslowfashion 
What if I missed out on the style I had my eye on? Will more styles be added?
Yes! We’ll let you know when new styles have been added to the sale.
I live outside of the US. Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We currently ship worldwide to any country that DHL or USPS services. We cannot ship to APO/AFO addresses with DHL, but we can ship to the closest DHL service point near you. If you don’t see your country on the list, send us an email and we can add it.