On-demand means that the shoes are only made when we receive an order for them. When we launch a new collection, all designs (including new colors in existing styles) are initially made on-demand until proven popular. If a design is not popular, we continue to make it exclusively on demand until it is eventually discontinued. If things go smoothly (as in no human error), a shoe can be made and shipped in 2-3 weeks. It can take less time if the shoe is already in production or longer if there are hiccups or if there are lots of orders that need to be made – up to 4+ weeks in some cases. We are always adjusting the estimated shipping time based on our workload, and do our best to let customers know when something is taking longer than expected.

If a design proves to be popular or it’s part of our core collection, then small quantities are kept in stock – generally only a few pairs of the most common sizes. Less common sizes like 35, 36 and 42 we tend not to keep in stock unless it’s a return! And yes, we restock returns that are in new and unworn condition! Since we’re a small team and everyone wears many hats, we ask for 5 business days to dispatch ready to ship orders, but sometimes we’re able to dispatch it sooner.

Absolutely. Our production partners are paid well above the industry standard. Argentina is an economically unstable country where prices of everyday things are always on the rise, so we need to regularly adjust wages to reflect inflation. It’s something that is very openly discussed with each production partner, with them often leading the discussion. They tell us when it’s time for a wage increase and we always oblige. It’s really important for us that they have a high quality of life too. Plus, we’re able to offer our core employees benefits like health insurance, paid vacation time and sick days, employment insurance and lunch and transportation stipends. A couple have even been able to do life changing things like buy cars and renovate homes while working with us.

Making vegan shoes is something we would love to do. The problem is a lot of non leather alternatives aren’t as durable or are made from plastic which makes their sustainability questionable when they no longer become usable.To us, part of responsible manufacturing means seeking out quality products that will give our shoes a long life cycle as a worn item. We know the materials we use can withstand many seasons of wear with proper care and maintenance. While we want to make our shoes available to people who don’t consume animal products, at present it is difficult to find a natural vegan material as noble and as durable as animal skin that can make the kinds of shoes we make.

We do our best to source responsible leathers. The majority of our upper leathers are sourced from Leather Working Group certified tanneries. The Leather Working Group is an organization which provides environmental audits and certification for responsible manufacturers globally. Other leather we use, like our vegetable-tanned lining and upper leathers are sourced from smaller, local family-owned tanneries.

Not currently! ZOU XOU is sold exclusively online.

We occasionally collaborate with select retailers on exclusive styles, but we’re not accepting new wholesale orders at this time.

If you’re interested in booking a private shopping session in Buenos Aires, please send an email to info@zouxou.com. We will try our best to accommodate your visit, but keep in mind that we don’t always have availability nor do we have everything in stock!

We are not accepting custom orders at this time.