Slow Down With ZX: Lourdes Gallo

Slow Down With ZX: Lourdes Gallo

Meet Lourdes Gallo, the gifted Portland-based floral designer and founder of Lourdes Florals, a floral shop offering bouquet subscriptions and exquisitely crafted floral design for photoshoots and events. Hear her thoughts on life, mindful living, and personal style.

SLOW DOWN WITH LOURDES GALLO.jpgWhat about your profession lights you up? I started floral design at 19 years old. I watered plants for restaurants as a side business when I was younger and leveraged that experience into an apprenticeship with a local florist. I fell in love with the trade immediately. It’s so enchanting to be surrounded by flowers all the time. I love the juxtaposition of getting dirty and doing the heavy lifting to create beautiful, seemingly effortless nature scapes.SLOW DOWN WITH LOURDES GALLO IMAGE 4.jpgWhere do you find inspiration? I find myself drawn to colors. That’s always where it starts. I’m partial to flowers that evoke the feeling of sunrises and sunsets. You’ll see this throughout my arrangements and paintings as well! I tend to let my creativity pull me through life, sometimes to a fault. I create every day. If it’s not an arrangement or painting, it’s an outfit or even a meal. What interests are a large part of your identity? I paint during my free time. While the flowers are asleep for the winter, that’s how I spend most of my days. I also spend time cooking and interior decorating. Generally, I’m drawn to things that are cozy or relaxing.Where can we find you on the weekend?Anytime I’m not working, I spend it outside with friends. You’ll find me hanging with friends in nature or at one of my favorite bars. I enjoy sitting by the river, or on a patio.How do you slow down after a long week?My rituals are very important to me. I take a bath almost every day, set up my diffuser with my favorite blends, make tea or a comforting meal, and just sitting with my thoughts.SLOW DOWN WITH LOURDES GALLO IMAGE 1.jpgWhat slow moments do you savor the most?Coffee in the morning. My usual is a homemade pour-over with oat milk, honey, and cinnamon. My partner sometimes makes my coffee while I’m in bed, or we’ll go to a coffee shop nearby and grab a croissant. Whatever we decide to do, I always find time for it. It’s such a peaceful slow start to the day. I try my best to hold off checking emails and texts until after that.What moments bring you the most joy?Moments with myself are truly invaluable. Designing a bouquet in a water glass at home, cleaning my space, redecorating, and sitting in the sun. The simple joys.SLOW DOWN WITH LOURDES GALLO IMAGE 3.jpgWhat does mindful living look like to you?Showing up intentionally for yourself and those around you. Maintaining a work-life balance in order to be a good friend and partner. Having clear and healthy boundaries to have the time and space to be the best version of yourself.What steps do you take to show up authentically?Showing up authentically for others starts with taking care of yourself. Making sure you have the proper time and resources to lead a meaningful life allows you to be a better friend and team member. This has been a huge challenge for me this year. While starting my business, I got so distracted by daily work. I forgot to show up for myself and consequently others. To-do lists and planners have been HUGE in taking ownership over my time again. When I know what’s on the agenda for me, it’s much easier to avoid overcommitment.Do you have any rituals that help keep your mind clear?Something as simple as making my bed or having a glass of water when I wake up. Small things make me feel like I am taking care of myself and have my life together. It allows me to start my day with confidence!SLOW DOWN WITH LOURDES GALLO IMAGE 2.jpgWhat does consuming thoughtfully mean to you?I’m a firm believer in investment pieces and shopping secondhand when possible. Trend cycles move quickly these days. Cultivating a personal style is more important than following trends. If you have the resources and time to shop sustainably, it can make the process of building your wardrobe more fun. It’s like treasure hunting.How did you learn to dress for yourself?My earliest fashion inspiration was Ana Kras. I didn’t know much about French girl vibes. I saw her photos on Tumblr or Pinterest and became obsessed. Over the last two years, I have started building my wardrobe and investing in meaningful long-lasting pieces.What are you wearing when you feel the most like yourself?A silk slip dress with a white button-up shirt over and some sort of mary jane or small heel. It’s comfortable, versatile, and makes me feel confident.

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