Slow Down With ZX: Joana Verissimo

Slow Down With ZX: Joana Verissimo

Meet Joana Verissimo, a photographer, designer, and founder of @sigh_store and @softsighstudio. She shares with us the importance of following your passions and being patient in finding inspiration. Hear her thoughts on life, mindful living, and personal style.

What about your profession lights you up?

I’ve had an unconventional career. I made a u-turn after getting a law degree and a master’s degree. I decided to stop everything and follow a career in fashion. I was always interested in this area but never pursued it. Eventually, it became evident that it was more than a hobby. From there, I dropped my plans and went straight into fashion design and business. It took a while to understand where exactly I stood in this industry, but after years of studying and internships, I now know I’ve made the best decision for my future.

Where do you find inspiration? What fuels you?
Inspiration requires time and patience. I’m learning to allow myself time to think, try lots of new things, and push myself out of my comfort zone. Traveling is so important for me. I always return with a new mindset and fresh eyes, which has been my most significant source of inspiration. People fuel me. I love to surround myself with entrepreneurs in fashion or other industries. I can have a coffee with another designer and leave that coffee shop with a new idea, a new goal. I’m lucky to have friends around me who are very talented and love to take risks. I ask for advice or call them when I hit a bump, and they always help me.

What interests are a large part of your identity?
Exploring! New cities, restaurants, and coffee shops! I love to be exposed to new things. Besides that, I am obsessed with podcasts and Netflix. So you can either find me traveling or sitting on my couch watching a new show.

Where can we find you on the weekend?
As much as I love to walk around Lisbon, I also love to be home. The ideal weekend is spent walking around Lisbon, having brunch in a new restaurant, picking up a few magazines, and then running home to my dogs and garden.

How do you slow down after a long day?
I love to take a long shower and listen to some music at the end of a long workday.

What slow moments do you savor the most?
Walking my dogs in a quiet early morning can easily be the highlight of my day.

What moments bring you the most joy?
Long dinner parties with my girlfriends and traveling with my husband in the southwest of the US.

What does conscious living look like to you?
Be in the present, what a cliché I know, but I often have to remind myself that there’s no point in suffering from things that haven’t even happened. So I try to discipline myself through various activities (reading, meditating, cooking) to shut that part of my mind that stops me from enjoying the present moment.

What steps do you take to show up authentically?
I am very self-aware (maybe too much). I’m constantly measuring my actions and thoughts to improve and be a better person, friend, daughter, and wife. I’ve learned the hard way that communication is key to keeping your relationships healthy and speaking your truth, hopefully translating into a more authentic self.

Do you have any rituals that help keep your mind clear?
Exercising is so important. It can quickly change my mindset. Besides that, I love to cook and read when I need to keep my mind silent.

What does consuming thoughtfully mean to you?
These notions have guided my shopping habits for the past years, but there is always room for improvement. This past year I’ve taken things more seriously and decided to reduce the number of things I buy and always make sure that each purchase will have longevity in my closet or house. I look for better materials, timeless pieces, and refrain from buying trend pieces or impulse purchases. I also try to buy from local, small brands because I treasured those pieces even more.

How did you learn to dress for yourself? At maybe eight years old, I remember telling my mother that she could no longer buy me clothes without me picking them out. Now, this doesn’t mean I knew exactly what my style was, that has been a process and will continue to be ever-changing, but since I have started to take a more conscious approach to my style, I pay attention to my most worn pieces. Now, I can be more honest with myself and not buy that piece that everyone is wearing, but that will hang in my closet unworn.

What are you wearing when you feel the most like yourself?Black tailored pants with my white Reeboks or black Converse, an oversized boxy t-shirt, and a really good trench or blazer. I don’t see myself getting tired of this look any time soon.

What do you love about the ZX style you chose, and how has it filled gaps in your wardrobe?
The Nerea Boot in Marfil is the perfect compliment for my daily uniform. I love to wear chunky boots with a tailored look, and these are the perfect pair. I love the Chelsea boot style, and the neutral color works with everything in my closet.

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