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Meet Belle Ives, a videophile and content creator residing in Los Angeles. They share their experiences of staying authentic, finding beauty in the mundane, and appreciating the little things in life. Hear their thoughts on life, mindful living, and personal style.


Tell us about your career journey thus far:

A career as a content creator has taught me my value and helped me see myself through a different lens. It means so much to me to have a place to share what I love and enjoy with the world. I love to entertain people, and I feel fortunate that I resonated with some people when I first put myself out there. Life can be isolating. I’m grateful to have a community and a career that is the opposite.

Tell us about being a video creator: Your process, mediums, etc.

Sometimes I plan out every shot of my videos and meticulously edit them together. Other times I see a moment or stumble across a fun trend and spontaneously capture something good. I try to balance out the kind of videos/photos I take because I think there is value and meaning in both crafted art and moments of serendipity.

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Where do you find inspiration? What fuels you?

I never quite know how to answer this question because I pull so much from my life experiences. There are lots of different works that have shifted how I create or how I approach life. For anyone seeking inspiration, I would say engage with varying forms of media. Hold onto the things that resonate with you, even if they aren't the most popular. Then, critically analyze why those things resonate with you. Take what works and leave what doesn't. And never stop seeking new inspiration, don’t let yourself fall into a sort of “echo chamber.”

What interests are a large part of your identity?

Film and art have heavily influenced the way I move through life. It touches everything I do.

What city do you live in, and how does that influence your day-to-day?

I live in Los Angeles, but I’ve been working on moving to New York. I’m much happier out there. I feel like I’m missing something here. While I am still in LA, I’m savoring the parts of this place that are meaningful to me. There is still so much beauty here. It’s just a bit tougher to find at times.

Where can we find you on the weekend?

You’ll probably find me at a sidewalk cafe, garden, or coffee shop. Occasionally, a museum or Disneyland. I’m often watching Director Q&As or movies in the evenings. I also take road trips whenever I can, so perhaps you'll find me where you least expect it.

Slow Moments


Slow Moments


Slow Moments


How do you slow down after a long day?

I’ve been chronically online since I was very young. I love to recharge by making a snack and drink, then cozying up to watch video essays or commentary videos. It’s comforting. I love learning new things and analyzing media.

What slow moments do you savor the most?

Early in the morning, when fog is still rolling through the streets, writing notes on fogged-up mirrors or shower doors, first sips of coffee in the morning, digging through my closet to put an outfit together, quality time with friends, the theatre’s reaction when a movie ends, when partners are holding hands while walking or sitting at a table. Someone gets up or walks just a little too far away, and you hold hands until the absolute last second - like you resist letting go for as long as you can. It's thoughtless and subtle, but it indicates love.

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What moments in life fill you up?

Probably those slow moments that I listed above. Core memories, as well. I hold onto them tightly. I hope to make art from them one day.

What does mindful living look like to you?

I try to perceive life like a Ghibli movie. This sort of “beauty in the mundane” lens of things. I've attempted to avoid escapism in recent years. I love fantasy and spending time in fictional worlds, don't get me wrong, but I think engaging with the life we’re a part of is difficult at times, most definitely, but it’s the best way to live mindfully. It’s the way to true fulfillment.

What steps do you take to show up authentically?

Showing up authentically is something that many content creators struggle with in particular. You become such a performed version of yourself, which can be exhausting. I try not to overthink how I put myself out there these days. I’m mindful and thoughtful for myself, but less so for other peoples’ perceptions. It becomes easier to be authentic or as close to it as you can get when you approach how you interface with the rest of the world that way.

Do you have any rituals that help keep your mind clear?

This sounds basic, but my little beauty/self-care rituals, skincare, eating a salad once a day, and dressing the way I enjoy. It’s therapeutic to take care of yourself and live for yourself, even though it’s sometimes hard.

Slow Moments


Slow Moments


Slow Moments


What does consuming thoughtfully mean to you?

I try my best to invest in pieces of my wardrobe/household that will last a long time. It’s not always the most affordable, but I’ve been privileged enough to build a more sustainable life than I was living before. I try to buy antiques instead of new furniture/decorations. I invest in good quality clothes/vintage instead of fast fashion. I’m not 100% sustainable, but I try to reduce my footprint significantly. I avoid trends that don't resonate with me and seek to build a timeless wardrobe and home.

How did you learn to dress for yourself?

Dressing for myself was innate for me. My family was never too hard on me in that regard. So I had a lot of room to dress in ways that made me feel good. In 10th grade, I remember having an exceptionally fortunate Christmas where I received more money and clothes than usual and decided to “rebrand” myself over Winter break. I got rid of my old clothes, changed my hair, everything. It felt so good. I’ve stubbornly held onto my self-expression ever since.

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What are you wearing when you feel the most like yourself?

These days it’s a good pair of trousers. Nothing makes me happier. Most likely paired with a turtleneck or mock neck and a pair of heeled loafers. Understated jewelry and makeup. Very androgynous.

What do you love about the ZX style you chose, and how has it filled gaps in your wardrobe?

I have two pairs of ZX shoes: Eugenia flats and Trini loafers. They’re both timeless designs but with small modern touches that keep them from feeling boring. The flats feel more feminine while the loafers feel more masculine, and as a nonbinary person, I love having pieces that help me lean into androgyny or whichever side of myself I want to express that day. They’re versatile and simple, so there are many ways to wear them.

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